Halal Poultry at Jacqro Farm

Halal Poultry at Jacqro Farm

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We believe that the killing of any creature is a very grave matter, which should not be undertaken lightly. For the eating of an animal to be permissible to a Muslim, it must have been killed deliberately, in as humane a manner as possible, and should have been treated with kindness and respect while it was alive.

We work hard to provide conditions that enable our birds to live healthy, happy lives, and to provide clean, safe, healthy, halal food. Slaughter is done either on-farm, or at a facility nearby, so that our chickens are not subjected to undue stress by being moved great distances. All slaughter is done by hand and in accordance with halal procedures.

Islamic calligraphy graphics courtesy of Crystal Cloud Graphics

Jacques Williams and Robin Robar
Jacqro Farm
5125 Foster Road
Paradise, CA
(530) 877-3410